Retail Wine Shield or Use It in Your By-The-Glass Program

For too long, the industry has relied on ineffective and even potentially dangerous products to deter oxidation in opened bottles of wine.


So many contraptions have been developed, you’d think someone had gotten it right by now. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case.

That is, until now.

Today, there is a major shift taking place in the wine industry when it comes to wine preservation. The advent of Wine Shield has given the wine manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing industries a truly effective solution in their long-standing battle against wine oxidation.

Simply put, Wine Shield works. And not only does it work – it works extremely well, preserving wine for up to 5 days in the bottle. Taste and nose are both preserved – claims that are backed up by scientific testing by ETS Laboratories of Napa, the industry’s leading wine-centric testing facility.

No more need for expensive or ineffective pumps, stoppers, gases or other systems that simply don’t perform. Give your customers the best — carry Wine Shield, the acknowledged leader in wine preservation technology, cost-effectiveness and overall performance.